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Great Food & 'The Blues'

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When you’re in the mood to have a memorable time, come down to our funky, family-friendly sports bar and restaurant. We are opposite the mighty King Power Stadium, with free parking at the Holiday Inn Express. Blues Bar & Grill is laid back, and offers a selection of rustic, wholesome meals, inclusive of our signature pulled-pork and slow-cooked brisket. We smoke our signature products for no less than 12 hours using Jack Daniels wood chips, locking in the flavour and providing that melt-in-the-mouth deliciousness. What’s more, we flame grill 28-day-aged, larder-trimmed steaks and have a secret burger recipe that is unforgettable. We apply the same quality and care to our customers and pride ourselves on delivering a standard that’s second to none.

A Customer-Focused Team

Our chefs and serving staff are customer-obsessed and will do as much as possible to accommodate any special requests. We benefit from having a team with more than 20 years of experience. Our restaurant is perfect for groups, couples, and family with children.

An Award-Winning Restaurant

Our amazing restaurant has won several awards, including ‘Best Restaurant’ and ‘Best Bar and Grill’, both awarded by Luxline.

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